Work Party - March 24 @ 10a...


Hey PolyCampers!!!

This past weekend we held the annual PolyParadise Work-Party at our house in Phoenix - What an amazing weekend!

We had so many people come by and share in Friendship & Playa Dust that we got done with the 'Work' portion of the day in 3.5 hours...YEAH!!! Then it was onto the 'Party' portion of the rest of the day!

WildChild & I would like to thank: Tigrezz, Scotto-O, UncleBob, Stephanie,
Mark, Tailfeather, Nancy, Frank, Bradley, CaptainJack, Kilted James, Corvus,
Sista, Poje, John, Elaine, Mu, Mistress Barney, Marsha, Phreeky, Sandman,
Robin, Dick, Richard Wizardry, Twist, Debra, HypnoBurn, Ozzie, Kristi, Fawn,
Tristan. (If I forgot anyone my apologies)

Many thanks to Tigrezz for doing the silk screening project, Uncle Bob for
the Trash Can Pizza, Stephanie for the wings, Twist for being the MASTER at the Generator (which is now good to go for another year)

The three dogs, Toby, Sammy & Vinny for keeping us all entertained.

Of course the Birthday Girl - Ginny aka WildChild aka Camp MOM! Thanks to
everyone that brought some B-Day wishes, cakes and otherwise good times!

Here are some pics to have you all share in the fun we all had...

Thank you to everyone that made the whole weekend so very enjoyable...

We are now in the midst of the downhill run to the Playa 2012!

153 Days!!!

Another Playa year is upon us, PolyParadise will be celebrating 13 years within the gates of Black Rock City...

Running a large Theme Camp is a year-round process and requires participation by many people, especially at our annual Spring Work-Party. This is where we take the contents of our garage, all the PolyParadise Playa Gear, and clean, sort and other wise inventory what we have and what we need...making an assessment of what we have, what broke & what needs replacing.

PolyParadise will be having its annual Work Party (Clean Scotto & WildChild's Garage & thus the PolyParadise Playa Gear) on Saturday March 24, 2012 in Phoenix, Arizona starting at 10a.....

You are welcome to come for the day or the weekend...We have enough room to accommodate a few overnighters and can set up tents in the backyard.

Once we have cleaned the PolyParadise Playa Gear and are sufficiently covered in Playa Dust, there is a Hot Tub and of course if it is warm enough, or anybody is adventurous enough, we now have a pool; we can PARTY!!!

Stay and enjoy UncleBob & Scotto's famous Trash Can Pizza!!!

We will also be celebrating WildChild's B-DAY, which is the 25th!!!

Here is a look at the Work-Party 2011

We promise to take lots of pics as we sort & clean the Playa Gear and get our garage in some semblance of Playa order.

3832 West Cactus Wren Dr.
Phoenix, AZ  85051


- Camp Daddy
- Burning Man Lifer/Geek/Zealot