Camp Shower - 2018

Solar Shower BagWet Naked Polyamorous People! Did THAT get your attention? I sure hope so...This from the Department of Yucky Water Stuff...

One of the perks of joining Poly Paradise is we provide community shower space for our members and provide safe and ecologically responsible wastewater management.

In the past we have used Propane Powered devices, pumps and heaters to accommodate our campers shower needs. All of these systems have their failure points and need constant attention & repair throughout the week.

To reduce the frustration levels all around, we have decided to return to the more traditional Camp Shower Bag.

The shower will consist of an enclosed tent along with
towel racks, shoe changing deck and supplies storage all on a raised platform.

- Extra large filling valve with convenient twist off cap
- Water temperature gauge.
- Easy to use ON/OFF shower head saves water

Simplified operation, easy-fill transfer container and we will even have lighting for night use.

Anarchy Kamp is on the other side of BRC, so we have to deal with Rules and Regulations. Violations of any of these regs will be dealt with in the usual, ghastly way.

1 - Bring your own water, separate from your water commitment for community use. To maintain sanitation and safety standards use only drinking water from unopened containers. Others using the shower will thank you knowing only pure, clean water is in the system.

2 - The empty shower bags will be hanging on a bar on the backside of the shower structure. Fill the bag with water (3 Gallons) and place the bag back on the bar. The bags have a temperature gauge so you can monitor how hot the water is before using.

3 - If you encounter a shower bag hanging from the bar already filled with water, DO NOT assume this was filled for you. Take an empty bag, fill it with your water and wait for it to get to temperature. If all bags are in use, please wait your turn.

4 - Clean up after use - We will have a trash sack for soap wrappers and other small stuff. Please do not leave small bars of soap, take them with you or trash them. Pick up the shower floor of any debris even if you didn't drop it.

5 - Please remove your stuff after using the shower. You may leave consumables in the storage area if you write your name and the words "Personal use only" or "Not community property." If someone leaves consumables such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash etc. behind without marking, they will be considered community property and free use rules apply.

6 - Take your towels and wash cloths when you are done - Like consumables, these items will become community items if you abandon them.

7 - If you find any valuables such as nipple rings and such turn them over to Scotto or Tailfeather for safe keeping.

8 - Absolutely NO wastewater dumping in the shower. No, repeat NO dumping of human waste in ANY part of our gray water processing system at ANY time! Dispose of human waste in the portos only.

9 - The shower is open for operation 24 hours a day.

10 - The shower system is for the exclusive use of Poly Paradise members only. The public may participate in the HCW experience if they desire.

11 - The community shower may be shut down without prior notice. If conditions warrant, we may close the shower system prior to final shutdown on Monday.