Camper Bios - 2016


Greg.P.DeRo aka: =DeRo= and more firmilarly, =HaJi)*(BaBa=Greg.P.DeRo aka:
 =DeRo= and more firmilarly, =HaJi)*(BaBa=

is a 2nd time to the Playa / CPP Burner from nYc.

He is a Lifelong Brother & friend to the Benevolent Dictator of Camp PolyParadise =aka: SCOTTO= and in his day to day journey back to the dust, a Union Stagehand by trade / guild!

"It is with great excitement and anticipation that I return to The Playa after a 5 years trip around the sun! I will, as in the past, serve our community and all Burners at large to the best of my ability while absorbing, participating and creating art and nourishment as I go!”

~ All before and after is dust and our unconditional inclusion in the Cosmic Soup!

Long may we share and wear proudly the person we are on the roads ahead...