The Village of PolyParadise is a 300+ person camp that has been influencing the Hearts & Minds and Washing the Bodies of Playa Citizens from '2:00 - 10:00' since 1999 celebrating 24 years in BRC in 2022.

Polyamory involves openness to multiple loving relationships, with honesty among all partners. We welcome ALL Poly & Poly Friendly folks to camp within our borders.
We welcome the Twisted Swan & Temple of Bacchus  Theme Camps within our borders.
The Village of PolyParadise will be located @ 9:15 & Enigma
Human Carcass Wash will be located @ 9:15 & Fugue
** Check Out the progress of the Village of PolyParadise Art Car

** 5/2/22 ** We are very disappointed and sad that Polly Wally our Art Car has been DENIED/REJCETED for entry in BRC 2022.  We will spend the upcoming months to come up with a plan so that it no longer looks like the base People Mover Vehicle and would be accepted by BRC DMV for 2023.

PolyParadise is NOT a Swinger Camp. Being Poly or Practicing Poly is NOT a requirement for camping with us, but being OPEN MINDED about other people's lifestyle choices IS!!

Your enthusiasm and commitment to participate in our Camp's Playa Events is greatly appreciated! Your adherence to the Ten Principles of Burning Man is paramount. We do have a Camp Fee to cover the huge costs in running a Village in Black Rock City.

All the answers to your questions or at least most of them can be found within the pages of this web site which has all the Poop that's the Scoop...

If you have more questions after that, just raise your hand and I will call on you in turn. Welcome to the Village of PolyParadise. 
PolyParadise Events
Join The Village of PolyParadise & it's camps for a variety of events - Come in from the sun..Take a load off your feet. Download our Event Schedule
Have Tea & Cookies & join us for Poly High Tea
    1:00p - 3:00p - Monday thru Saturday
    1:00p - 3:00p - Wednesday - Poly High Juice Box
Check out our 3D UV-Light Experience
    8:00p - Sunrise - Monday thru Saturday
Trade in your "OLD" Playa dust for "NEW" Playa Dust @ the Infamous
Human Carcass Wash - Check out the How To Guide...
    3:00p - 4:30p - Monday thru Sunday
Be Part of the Therapeutic Photography Session
    3:30p-5:30p - Monday
Learn About a Journey of Non-Monogamy
    11:00a-1:00p - Tuesday
Come get your Freak ON @ the Poly Friendly Social/Mixer
    3:30p - 5:30p - Tuesday
Rejuvenate with Fire Flow Yoga with Jill
  6:00p-7:00p Tuesday | 4:00p-5:00p Saturday
Make Friends - Ethical Slut Meet & Greet
    3:30p-5:30p - Wednesday
Learn & Grow Best sex of your life living with Herpes and STI's
    11:00a-1:00p - Wednesday
Learn how to make a Framed Intimate Sculptures
    3:30p-5:30p - Thursday
Twisted Swan
The Twisted Swan, a full service Celtic pub with a bar, pull tap, whiskey, Irish coffee, live music sessions, and a good old fashioned pub feel in BRC!
Open 8:00p - 2:00a

Come each night we have a theme to suite your geek needs along with our friendly pub feel.  If nothing else for a respite from your woes and a pint.

A Celtic themed playa pub designed to give an environment where burners can hang out and be able to talk to each other with good beer on tap, whiskey, and maybe a warm Irish Coffee for the cold nights! For the music lovers and those who play various instruments can join in the music session, a Celtic jam session mid-day on Thursday. We are also planning on a role playing and table top game day!
Twisted Swan Events
Monday   The pub opens at 8pm with a Dr. Who theme, dress as your favorite timelord, companion, or alien and party like it's 5999!
Tuesday   At pub open will be our Steampunk/ firefly fancy duds party! The best party in the verse, Alliance need not attend! Get your boiler bubbling and come let off some steam with us.
Wednesday    At pub open will be our Theme for the night Brown coat / Sci-Fi night We aim to misbehave
Thursday   At pub open at 8pm don your house colors for Hogwarts night! Leviosa some pints until your petrificus totalous!
Thursday   Irish Music Seisun - Calling all fiddlers, pipers, bodhranists, singers and Irish and Celtic musicians of all stripes! Join us for our annual seisłn and make beautiful music! Our 10th year!"
Friday   At pub open at Theme for the night Goibhniu - The Celtic god of brew needs the rest of our beer in you.
Friday Guided meditation Let Megan guide you through meditation using sound and other techniques to find yourself.
Tuesday Good Riddance Happy Hour - 7PM - 9PM
  Recently divorced or out of a relationship? Whether it was three months or three years ago, join us for a beer or cocktail with other like-hearted souls to say goodbye to the past, celebrate your new self and participate in a collaborative cathartic art project that will be placed at The Temple.
Temple of Bacchus
We are happy to support your bacchanal all week long and keep you energized for the long haul.  We will be open from 14:00 to 20:00 hours in conjunction with our sister cam The Twisted Swan Celtic pub.  We offer water and a variety of non-alcoholic drinks to keep you ready for the rest of the party. 

Let's be honest you may want a little more than hydration so we will have wine and other drinks as well.  We will also be offering  a nice shady spot to smoke hookah or just hang out.  Even when we are not serving the space will be open 24 hours if you just need a place to hang
Temple of Bacchus Events
Monday Open 2:00p - 8:00p
Tuesday Open 2:00p - 8:00p
Wednesday Open 2:00p - 8:00p
Wednesday Yoga/Meditation 12:00p - 2:00p
Thursday Open 2:00p - 8:00p
Friday Open 2:00p - 8:00p


- Benevolent Dictator Village of PolyParadise
- Burning Man Lifer/Geek/Zealot